Want to be recognised for your achievements?

Having a successful and fulfilling career is important to all of us, and being recognised for your achievements is important. It starts with communicating. This doesn’t mean that you need to start telling everyone what a great job you’ve done. To establish a good reputation within your business, you need to demonstrate effectiveness and leadership at the same time as you communicate it.

Here are four easy steps that can help get your personal brand in front of those who matter, while just as importantly, making a real difference to your organisation.

Step 1: Find an area or results in your company that needs improving. There are two secrets to this. Firstly, it must be something that can make a genuine difference and secondly, make sure you’re not unfairly highlighting someone whose job it is to get these results.

Step 2: Gather together an A-team. The best leaders know that it’s teamwork that drives results and they act as the navigator of a project. This step involves a bit of publicity in itself. You will need to encourage and inspire the team with a vision of what can be achieved. Be an energetic force and ensure that the project purpose and operating principles are designed together as a group task.

This is also the time where you need to switch on your emotional intelligence and attune yourself to the feelings and thoughts of others. You will need their full support and energy to achieve your goals.

Step 3: It’s time to execute your strategy and achieve your objectives. This shouldn’t be rushed, as projects take time. Break the initiative down into steps, get a few easy wins under your belt so you create a team culture of success – and recognition.

Step 4: This is the time where you publicise the results and interestingly enough, this is the stage that many leaders seem to skip. The first and only real rule here is to acknowledge the success of your team. Inspiring leaders don’t take credit for the results; their success is measured by the success of their team.

When you’re showcasing your skills, it’s a fine line between doing this correctly and being counterproductive. The best advice we can give you for this journey is to keep your team on board and feeling like they are having a tangible effect.

Once you’ve achieved success, what’s next? It’s time to identify another area that needs improving and put together your next task team. Be consistent with this approach and you’ll achieve a stellar reputation for yourself both as an agent of change and a true leader.

Author: Peter Robinson
Team Leadership Services