How to transform strategy into implementation

Having successful strategies, goals and objectives within your organisation are critical to success. But equally as crucial is having the ability as a leader to influence and drive the implementation of those goals.

Once your business planning goals are set, often the hardest step is putting it into action. The tools below can help leaders to kick-start this process.

  • Firstly understand - and then communicate - why these goals are important to your organisation. This can be done by aligning them to your company purpose, or creating one (if you don’t have one) and connect your goals to this. The purpose has to underpin everything you do as a company, and you need to let your people bring this purpose to life by using it as the baseline for their behaviour, goals and tasks.
  • Clarity of communication can defeat confusion, so ensuring your people are clear about what is expected of them is a goal in itself. To be believable, your goals need to be credible and the way you communicate them needs to be compelling, understandable and believable.
  • Communicating and revisiting your expectations keeps your people challenged and motivated to achieve their goals. Introduce a way to measure outcomes and how your people have influenced them. Learn by mistakes but don’t censure. Regularly recognise and celebrate people and teams for outstanding contributions.
  • Don’t limit your possibilities by forcing a choice between actions. You can enforce your standards and also be compassionate with your people. You can focus on short term implementation and keep an eye on long term goals. You can embrace discipline to achieve your goals and encourage flexibility to create incredible outcomes.
  • Effective resource allocation is the final step to ensuring the right things are done at the right time. Take the time to break down tasks to ascertain exactly what needs to be done to achieve your goals. The next priority is to ensure that you adapt your processes, systems and people/teams so they are focused on implementing your strategy. Development and growing the skills of your people, having the right technology and ensuring your budget is being spent in the right areas are all integral to achieve your goals.

Author: Peter Robinson
Team Leadership Services

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