Learn from the experts in leadership!
A practical programme that delivers results

This programme is designed for organisations seeking intensive leadership review and
extended senior executive development.

Four workshops of 2-3 days duration are staged over a 24 month term, with this framework supporting the review of nominated and (client approved) leadership publications and the completion of a project of strategic significance for presentation to the Board. Throughout the programme participants have access to ongoing support and consultation from their leadership coach.

What will we cover?

The four modules address the following key learnings:

Workshop 1: Leading People
  • Individual Leadership 360° - Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Performance Issues
  • Cultural Mapping
  • Developing People
  • Goal Setting
  • Project Management
  • Project Work
Workshop 2: Strategic Agility
  • Strategic Agility
  • Managing Change
  • Market Analysis
  • Project Presentations
Workshop 3: Business Acumen
  • Business Acumen
  • Budgeting and Financial Models
  • Asset Utilisation
  • Project Update
Workshop 4: Culture of Innovation
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Value Innovation Case Study
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Exercise
  • Leadership and Team Review
  • Project Updates
  • Presentations to Board
  • Learnings, Outcomes and Achievements

Develop a Five Star Executive team with:

  • The tools to step up and provide leadership direction to their teams
  • A lift in leadership thinking in the key areas of leading people, strategic agility, business acumen and culture of innovation
  • Increased energy and confidence
  • Improved leadership clarity
  • A greater understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of opportunities to enhance personal leadership capability
  • Key learnings transferable to the workplace through our signature five point leadership action plan and team development action plan

This 24 month programme includes:

  • Quarterly modules of 2-3 days duration each
  • 24 months access to your leadership coach
  • All course materials, post programme resources and follow up via our TLS online learning platform

"TLS has facilitated leadership and team management sessions, including Leadership 360° Profiles, for my company in Japan. My long association with TLS, evolving from my early days of working in an Australasian organisation, gives me every confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their service.

I will say that I took a risk when I commissioned TLS for the first time in Japan, as I was not certain whether they would be able to deliver the same results in a country with a different culture and language. This concern was soon proven to be groundless. TLS’s flexible and practical approach, and its well-proven products and methodologies successfully brought about behavioural and cultural changes that were needed for the organisation to move into the next stage of evolution. Follow-up coaching also ensured the longevity of learning.

There is no doubt that we will continue to seek TLS’s services as experts in leadership training.”

Makoto Kinjo, President - Anzco Foods Japan

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